CTE Now Focusing on Core Gameplay

DICE have announced that their second initiative on the CTE will be focusing on Core Gameplay. This means they will have a look at some of the central pieces of the game and how the game is behaving with the netcode changes and the difference in gameplay and second to second gunplay that it has created.

The first phase of this will concentrate on the testing of the next DLC, Dragon’s Teeth. They will be focusing on the fixes/improvements, new weapons and gadgets. This includes the bulk of the content included in the expansion and they want to stress test it to see how well it performs in a live environment.

This means some of the changes you have gotten used to on the CTE will be missing for a week or so while this is happening (uniform aiming, for example, is one of these items). After the initial testing has concluded they will put these features and improvements back in, and start the next phase.

Initially, they will be running servers with basegame maps, all unlocks enabled. This will give you access to all weapons and the ballistic shield but not the Dragon’s Teeth maps/weapons at this time (weapons will come soon!).

For focused shield-testing, they’ll be running an infantry-only server running Operation Locker 24/7 – one of the map that the ballistic shield impacts the most.

Following the first phase’s completion, DICE will be looking at improvements in these key areas (in no particular order):

  • Weapon tweaks/balance
  • Weapon Supression tuning
  • 3P Head-flinch dampening
  • Visual recoil ADS tuning
  • Vehicle tuning/balance
  • Gamemode focus: Rush
  • Continued tweaks to Obliteration Competitive
  • HUD improvements & bug fixes
  • Continued “Netcode” improvements

More information about each of these areas will be announced once phase one is over.

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