CTE Patch – Visual Recoil Changes

DICE CTE staffer t1gge has announced a new patch for CTE which makes recoil changes.

Visual Recoil Solution (Experimental)

A proposed solution for visual recoil, that basically makes the red dot stable when the gun is moving, has been implemented. There are several known kinks and visual bugs with this (the scale of some guns’ red dot being a big one) but they thought “why not let the CTE players help us find these, instead of waiting?”.

So if you feel included, DICE would like to know what sights work well, which don’t and why. They say any fixed should be pretty simple and, gameplay wise, it should work well on most guns already.

Things to look for: off-center sights, parts of sights not moving as expected, clipping of the “red dot” itself, scale of the centrepiece, etc.

Suppression Recoil Modified when Zoomed

They’ve now removed all recoil penalties from suppression for aiming down sights and reduced hip fire penalties by 75%. Why this first? Aside from being the quickest thing to change, DICE felt that recoil modifiers are too dependant on a weapon’s base stats and that the suppression you feel should be the same regardless of your loadout. Their intention with this change is to get suppression feeling more even across the game.

They also understand that flinching is the biggest problem here and adds a lot of imbalance to scoped weapons, so they want to address that soon.

A video demonstration of the changes has been created, courtesy of Harri Does Gaming…

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