CTE: What’s Being Looked At

The Community Test Environment is 10 days old now and has already received 3 patches. The changelog for each gives a fair indication of what DICE are trying and I’ve detailed them below.

The feedback on CTE has been incredibly encouraging with people talking about it BF4 playing like a new, vastly improved game.

Patch #1

  • Fix for explosion packs not being shootable sometimes
  • Fix for reducing damage mismatch between client/server
  • Fix for third person player orientation mismatch Character collision improvements Improvements for client side packet loss
  • Various server performance improvements
  • High Frequency/High Priority update (“Tickrate” improvements)
  • A new network update for high priority second to second gameplay (damage states, player position, projectiles, player stance etc).

Patch #2

  • Hi-Frequency Network Update client option – you now have the option to turn off or lower the amount of “tickrate” your internet client can handle.
  • Dampened explosive camera shake
  • Possible fix for PC chat delay
  • Net maps: Operation Metro 2014, Wave Breaker (enabled later)
  • Hainan Resort: under-terrain exploit fix
  • Some other tweaks too small to mention

Patch #3

  •  Changed the FrameHistoryTime from 1.5 so 1.0s. This value is used to determine how much “slack” the server allows a client with packetloss to have. With this number lowered a bit to match the 30hz server send frequency we should see even less deaths behind cover.
  • The Deathshield fix was not part of the CTE environment – now it is!
  • Added support for the Obliteration small competitive mode (servers coming)
  • Operation Metro 2014 exploit fix
  • PC client stability improvements
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