What DICE is Doing About Cheaters

Obviously feeling some heat on the subject, DICE have published details of what they’re doing to reduce cheating within the game. However, the details are certainly PC-centric and it would be nice to know more about they monitor and deal with this on the consoles.


This is new anti-cheat software that is used on the PC. This monitors each players’ gameplay and flags them as when they do something suspicious or something that no legit player can do. Creating a new rule for this takes time and DICE need to make sure that the rule is configured and tested properly before they start taking any action on it. No legit player will be banned based on having multiple awesome rounds – the rules aren’t built based on solely K/D stats and FairFight takes more than that into consideration. The evidence DICE collect, they say, is solid and there’s no doubt that the player was cheating.

With FairFight, they can also put out restricted areas – areas where players can go into walls and be hidden and not killed. When a player enters these restricted areas they will get kicked from the server. Restricted areas have been put there by FairFight as a temporary fix until the teams can release proper fixes to the matter. Metro and Locker have had a lot of these glitches fixed since release, and when they find new ones they try to get a fix out as soon as possible.

The Banning Process

DICE’s policy on banning cheaters is very strict – they only ban a player if there’s evidence that they were in fact cheating. They’re not saying that no evidence = no cheating, it’s just that they can’t ban anyone if there’s no solid evidence of it. Suspect players are being monitored a bit closer, and they look for other ways to prove their guilt.

So what kind of evidence could we, the community, look for? It could be abnormal stats or uploading a video on YouTube. Players being caught cheating will never just receive a stat reset, they will always get a time-based suspension or a ban. Disputes will always be read and checked against the evidence.

Keep in mind that cheating players will always tell the world that they are innocent and that their stats on Battlelog might not contain anything suspect. They are instructed by their providers to have normal stats so they can fool FairFight and not get caught. Most cheat distributors have lists telling their clients how to play and not get caught by FairFight. Well, it’s not working as DICE are catching them.

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