Dragon’s Teeth Dog Tags, Assignments and New Game Type REVEALED

After further digging in code, Symthic have been able to reveal the Dog Tags, Assignments and a new Game Type that will be available in the next DLC, Dragon’s Teeth.

Standard Dog Tags

15 - 260GItf 14 - oZZN4gG 13 - YnnAm68 11 - ObrZlub 12 - NELpoG4

The 1st and 4th are the most intriguing – the 1st shows a nuclear mushroom cloud and the 4th a bomb dropping. Does this heavily hint that nuclear weapons may be involved in Dragon’s Teeth?

The halo above the chopper in the 2nd and the aliens in the 3rd are equally intriguing.

Premium Dog Tags

10 - jGX1t0i 09 - Gkr8ZTn 08 - 6Bz1HWj 06 - wwgBQXH 07 - NGyOA4e


There are 10 new assignments.

Unica6 “Big Splash”:

  • Activate the floodgates on Waterfront (not in a round)
  • Get 5 kills while swimming (not in a round)

Bulldog “Lions and Tigers and Bears”:

  • Kill 10 Supports as Assault (not in a round)
  • Kill 10 Engineers as Assault (not in a round)
  • Kill 10 Recons as Assault (not in a round)

MPX “Not the Weakest Link”:

  • Obtain 2 PDW Ribbons (not in a round)
  • Form a New Link in Chainlink 10 times (not in a round)
  • Follow 10 Squad Orders (not in a round)

CS5 “The ‘I’ in Team”:

  • Obtain 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons (not in a round)
  • 10 Squad Beacon Spawns on your beacon (not in a round)
  • 20 Spot Assists (not in a round)

Shield “Vanguard”:

  • Obtain 5 Savior Kills (not in a round)
  • Obtain 20 Suppression Assists (not in a round)
  • Destroy 3 Explosives (not in a round)

Road Warrior Dogtag “Road Warrior”:

  • Obtain 10 Flag Attacks (not in a round)
  • Obtain 10 Flag Defenses (not in a round)
  • Obtain 25 Kills using Shotguns (not in a round)

Remote Control Dogtag “Remote Operator”:

  • Destroy 1 Vehicle with the EOD BOT (not in a round)
  • Obtain 5 Kills using the MAARS (not in a round)
  • Obtain 10 Kills using Helicopters (not in a round)
  • Spot 20 Enemies with the MAV (not in a round)

Desert Eagle “Recoil Kinetics”:

  • Obtain 20 Headshots using the Unica6 (not in a round)

Killjoy Dogtag “Killjoy”:

  • Kill 10 Enemies while under Suppression (not in a round)
  • Break 30 Links in Chainlink (not in a round)
  • Win a round of Chainlink with 50 or fewer tickets remaining (not in a round)

City Slicker Dogtag “City Slicker”:

  • Spend 10 hours on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)
  • Obtain 100 kills on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)

Game Type

Looking at the assignments above you may notice that some of these are reliant on winning a round of “Chainlink”.

A Reddit user believes that Chainlink is a new Conquest-style game mode that rewards the team that can link adjacent capture points. The more that are controlled, the more the enemy’s tickets bleed.

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