Dragon’s Teeth release – yes, we got it wrong!

Last week we confidently predicted that that the Dragon’s Teeth DLC would be released today. It isn’t going to be.

Why were we so confident in our assertion? Because we were told by a reliable source that it would be. Sadly that person is now not responding to Direct Messages on Twitter and we won’t publicly try and contact them – you don’t reveal your sources after all.

But the theory DID fit. The DLCs come soon after a patch. Check. It’s a Tuesday. Check. People initially rejected the idea because it would be “before E3”. Except that wasn’t true – the EA announcements at E3 were on Monday night. So, yeah, it sounded right.

However, I was already beginning to realise this information may not be correct when I saw Tweets such as this…

In the case of the latter, Westie is a recognized franchise YouTuber who’d just returned from meeting with EA in the US. So, yea, at this point we realised something was up.

But that’s not to say our source was definitely wrong. Was it maybe the case that Dragon’s Teeth WAS due today? With the leak of Hardline that surprise for E3 was gone so they needed something else – in the case the immediate release of the Beta. With that being launched, they surely wouldn’t want a DLC for BF4 at the same time?

The fact that can’t be avoided is that Dragon’s Teeth is the longest we’ve waited for a DLC in Battlefield 4 – it’s long overdue and it looks as if the timescales are being stretched further. The good news to this, though, is that they’re using the time to test Dragon’s Teeth in CTE.

So, apologies for what turned out to be misinformation. I’d love to say we won’t do it again but I can’t make that promise 🙂

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  1. James said this on June 25, 2014

    I’m an older player, married, 46, and total ditto on your About Darkstorm40 bio dude. I’m Exact same, about everything. Especially bout not best, quickest, no complaining, offer solutions, down 2 earth and BIG BIG team player dude. I only play and friend people that live and believe duh same broham. wuz a medic in military and NOW, a VA combat PTSD counselor, and one of my biggest stress reliefs is gaming and team player environents. Anyway, I’m boring, not into kid stuff, and NOT into Justin beiber. But your site and apparent outlook isnt boring or kids stuff, so though I know u got 1000′ s of friends online, if ya want to play with more light hearted mature folk, friend me on psn @ txcombatmedic68. Game On!

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