Dragon’s Teeth Weapons & Gadgets REVEALED

So far we know few details about the new Battlefield DLC, Dragon’s Teeth. We do know that it will include a 2-handed ballistic shield. However, a moderator at Symthic has been able to reveal the weapons and gadgets that will be introduced in Dragon’s Teeth, after extracting content from a recent PC update.

After some head scratching and investigation the general conclusion is that the following is likely to be included with the DLC.

  • The ballistic shield is most definitely included and appears to be a Support class exclusive. It is also in the weapons not gadgets category which probably means it will take the primary weapon slot.
  • There are two vehicles that seem to be remote controlled via PDA, like the MAV, EOD Bot and mortar. One has a minigun and the other has a 3x40mm grenade launcher. Both appear to be Recon exclusive.
  • af5MAK1

    The Bulldog

    For weapons it looks like we’ll be seeing lots of hand guns.

    • Bulldog. This is most likely an assault rifle with stats reflective of a close-quarters SCAR-H competitor.
    • Desert Eagle – sidearm revolver with .44 Magnum damage model
    • Unica6 –  sidearm revolver with .357 Magnum damage model
    • SIG MPX – most likely a PDW, with stats similar to a harder-hitting, slower-firing SR-2
    • CS5 Sniper Rifle – appears to have integral silencer and using the 7.62 damage model.

The Desert Eagle is particularly interesting in its inclusion. A few years ago someone asked Alan Kertz, Lead Gameplay Designer at DICE, why it wasn’t in Battlefield 3. His answer was…

So a complete turnaround?


Similar to those rumoured earlier…

What We Also Know

Dragons Teeth - Full PosterTo the right is the official “poster” for Dragon’s Teeth. This image has been used on the official Battlefield Facebook page some time ago, so it’s not new and wasn’t used in reference to this DLC. Odd that this particularly one is being used. Click on the poster for a larger view.

Dragon’s Teeth is being created by DICE LA, rather than DICE Stockholm. Made up of varying talent including ex-Medal of Honor developers from the closed Danger Close studio, DICE LA was only opened last May. They were already the creators of the Second Assault DLC and will be creating the last DLC, Final Stand.

Lastly, DICE have announced that a first-look video for Dragon’s Teeth will be made available on their YouTube channel next week.

New details

Since publishing, DICE have officially announced the Dragon’s Teeth poster and have announced that a video of the DLC will be available next week – article updated to reflect this


Thanks to Reddit, we now have confirmation of the map names.

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