Everything We Know About Final Stand, the Next Battlefield 4 DLC

The Battlefield 4 Premium trailer gave us a tantalising glimpse of both Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand and since then additional details have leaked out (or simply been rumoured), culminating in the release of an official Final Stand trailer and blog details. This article will therefore round up everything we know so far.

The Basics

Final Stand is supposed to be the last DLC, but there are reserves in the game configuration files for two more. Now that Hardline has been delayed (and particularly if Hardline isn’t as popular as EA hope) it’s possible that additional DLCs may be added.

It’s tagline is “Bring the war to its epic conclusion” and therefore suggests that it will focus on the conclusion of the in-game War of 2020.

Further potential information can be gleaned from the storyline of the game so far…

As the Campaign has demonstrated, tensions between Russia and the United States are running at a record high. Admiral Chang plans to overthrow China’s current government and, if he succeeds, he will have full support from the Russians, bringing China to the brink of war with the United States.

Returning to the multiplayer, the base maps are all based on Chinese soil (with the exception of Zavod, which is in Russia) but are battles between the US and either Russia or China. This shows a war between the US and both China and Russia. All the DLCs after that demonstrate the aggressors pushing the US out of the Chinese mainland and back to the South China Sea, with no further maps set in Russia.

When the official trailer was added to Battlelog, here’s what they said about the storyline.

Taking place on the arctic landscape of Russia, where the scientists of today are experimenting with technology that will define the battlefields of tomorrow, Final Stand will deliver four maps that are unique and distinct. With its military installations set against a wintry landscape, expect intense, infantry-focused combat.

So, we’re back in Russia, which is odd final place to finalise the multiplayer storyline.

It’s rumoured the nukes will part of this but there’s been no confirmation of this year. Certainly the use of nuclear weapons would fit in with both the name and the tagline. Such an event, more than probably World War 3, would also lead up perfectly to the rumoured Battlefield 5 Armageddon.

It’s also worth noting that upon release of the official trailer, there was no mention of this being the final DLC.

Release Date

Originally planned to launch some time this Summer, it has been delayed and will now be launched for Premium members on Tuesday 18th November.


The finalised map names are…

  • Operation Whiteout – fight through both enemy fire and the Siberian cold
  • Hammerhead – explore a submarine base within the mountains
  • Giants of Karelia – encounter both rural areas and a high-tech weapons factory
  • Hangar 21 – military secrets and hints of future battlefields lie within

Karelia is an area of Russia in the Northern part of Europe and covers Finland as well as Russia.

Other Features

  • Five Achievements/Trophies
  • Ten Assignments

Weapons & Vehicles

As revealed by DICE…

Players will also discover secret prototype weapons and vehicles that further tie into the fiction around Final Stand, and to some extent the Battlefield series. This includes a Battle pick-up rail gun that fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy, and the hover tank prototype, which uses eight experimental jet propulsion engines to nimbly move around the battlefield.

  • XD-1 Accipiter Multiple Kill Vehicle (definite – seen in the Premium video)
  • Rorsch MK-1 Rail Gun (“The mere sight of the devastating Rorsch MK-1 will make sharp shooters drool”)
  • HT-95 Levkov Hover tank – capable of moving sideways and strafing
  • Snowmobile


  • Target Detector –  attaches to DMR’s and Carbines and lets you auto-spot the enemy
  • DS-3 DECOY – emits false blips on the enemies mini-maps, fooling them into thinking they’ve got company.

Official Trailer


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