Final Stand is NOT the end of Battlefield 4

In what wasn’t the most surprising of announcements, DICE have announced that “there is more content coming for Battlefield 4”. With Hardline delayed and spare DLC “slots” found in the PC configuration files, it’s been suspected for some time that at least one further DLC may be made. Indeed, to add fuel to the flames, a member of DICE was actively asking on Reddit a while ago what past maps people would like to see again if a “Third Assault” was created.

And, guess what? That appears to be exactly what they’re doing. Their announcement includes a link to a survey where you can choose which maps you’d like to see re-jigged for Battlefield 4. Click the link below to complete the survey yourself…


Let’s just hope that some further Battlepacks, weapons and 2XP weekends are due too.

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