Further Detail About The Levolution in China Rising REVEALED

Back in May we published details about how one of the DICE developers stated that no Levolution events were planned for China Rising, even though details about them had been found in the code. Well, more details have now come to light.

Last December JackFrags interviewed Craig Mcleod, a Producer of China Rising at DICE. Wind forward the video to 1 minute 59 seconds…

Here he talks about how they planed in China Rising to have “Environmental Evolution”. More specifically, as follows…

  • Altai Range: Starts snowing
  • Dragon Pass: Starts raining
  • Silk Road: Sandstorm kicks up
  • Guilin Peaks: Fog rolls in off of the hills into the gameplay space

In the end only the first two were implemented and then only at a level barely noticeable.

Why did they remove the Levolution? There may be a clue in a response from a member of DICE on Reddit when asked whether they may be added in future…

We probably won’t be revisiting China Rising maps levolution-wise. None of the maps really have any spare memory to use for this kind of thing regardless, so adding something like this we would need to remove something else.

To me, it sounds as if they wanted to include it but the maps were too vast and expansive and, as a result, memory was tight. Again, they would have been working to the lowest common denominator – the last gen consoles (they wouldn’t want to add something, say, to the PS4 version but no the PS3). As I’ve said before (and I’m sure this won’t be the last time), we truly won’t get to see a genuine “next gen” Battlefield until DICE stop developing for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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