Battlefield Glossary

Noob dog tagsBattlefield is full of special word usage – many are used in other games but some are pretty unique to Battlefield. However, these are often pretty obvious or explained – tickets, squad, etc. These words, I would say, are official. But that doesn’t stop the many players from introducing their own language to the game – the “unofficial” language of Battlefield. This is my attempt to document some of these.



Badmin – A bad admin of a server. Usually shuffles people around to ensure he’s on the winning side (see “Stacking“) and may even manipulate players further to make sure he does far better than otherwise should have done. If you kill a badmin they may kick or ban you from their server. Badmins can, as a result, often seem to be better players than they actually are (see “Colonel 100”). Badmins usually have small sexual organs.

Back rage – Flanking and killing the enemy from behind, usually from their spawn point.

Ban – A server administrator has the ability to ban a user from a server. Often used by “badmins” but may be used genuinely if a player repeatedly mis-behaves or behaves so outrageously (e.g. abusive language) that allowing them to return is not an option.

Base rape – Attacking an enemy base. Usually causes enemy players to leave en-masse, allowing you to win the game you were probably already winning, whilst leaving the rest of the game boring as there’s nobody to fight. See “Pointless“.

Battlelog – The online site that lets you view statistics and even change your soldiers’ “loadout”. Tinkered with regularly, often leading to parts of the site breaking. Better Battlelog is a browser plugin that adds a lot of features that really should be part of Battlelog by default.

Battle Feed – The news feed that appears on the front screen when you play Battlefield 3 and shows you friend’s achievements. Often broken.

BC2 – Bad Company 2, the Battlefield release prior to Battlefield 3. Players left BC2 in their droves to join BF3 only to spend their entire time whining that BF3 wasn’t as good as BC2. For inexplicable reasons the same people usually stayed with BF3.

Beasting – To dominate a game like a “beast”. This is not beasting…

Bleed – In Conquest, once one side owns more than half the flags, the opponents lose tickets even when nobody is being killed. This is known as bleeding tickets.

Blueberries – Members of your team that aren’t in your squad. They appear as blue in-game (hence the name) and are often held responsible for any of your bad gameplay.

Blue Screen – Introduced, with much gusto, on the PS4. When BF4 crashes it displays a blue error screen.

Boosting – Using nefarious methods to gain extra points. For example, switching sides to re-take the flags in Conquest. Often performed by “Badmins“.

Breakout – The very first push when the round starts. Winning or losing rounds can often happen off the breakout.

Burning – Term used to show that a flag is being taken in a game of Conquest (such as, “Bravo is burning”).


Camper – A stationary player, usually laid prone and waiting for someone or something. Camping is the act of being a camper and is often banned on servers.

Capping – When you successfully burn a flag and it turns white, Capping is when you are “filling up” the blue side.

Class – A “type” of soldier. Your class determines your soldier’s look as well as what guns and gadgets are available to him. There are 4 classes in Battlefield 3 and 4 – Assault (aka Medic), Engineer (aka the one with the missile launchers), Support (aka the one with the big gun and C4) and Recon (aka the one with spawn beacons and TUG-S).

COD – An alternative game for those who find Battlefield too manly for them. Preferred by 10-year-old boys who like shouting high-pitched obscenities.

Colonel 100 – When you reach rank 50 you become a Colonel of rank 1 and then continue up to 100. At Colonel 100 you can progress no further. Colonel 100’s are usually either experienced players or cheating badmins.


DICE – The developers of Battlefield. Whatever they do, it’s never right. If there’s a bug in Battlefield and they update Battlelog they’ll be accused to using their resources on the wrong thing, forgetting that it will be completely different people responsible. Can never win.


EA – Electronic Arts, the devil incarnate. Money grabbing bastards who like to push out buggy games and then not support them. Or, that’s what you’d think from reading forums. Used to release games for the Commodore 64.


Frostbite – The game engine created by DICE to power their games. Version 1.5 was used in “BC2” but an improved version 2 was used in BF3. Anything changed is immediately criticized by now being inferior, whereas major improvements are just accepted. BF4 uses Frostbite 3, which is vastly improved again but still not be acceptable to most Battlefield players. BC2 will probably still be deemed to be better. Usage of Frostbite, however, does not ensure quality – see “MOHW“.

FTW – used to express general enthusiasm it means “for the win”. Sometimes used sarcastically.

FUBAR – “Fu**ed up beyond all recognition”.


Get On My Level – What you may say to a team-mate who isn’t playing as well as you. Meant as “friendly trash talk” to motivate them it may equally annoy the hell out of them.

Get On The Burn – To enter the capture radius of a base so you capture it quickly.

Get Your Picks – Get a kill or two before running into an area.

GG – “Good Game”.

Gimmie – The base nearest deployment. The order might be ‘flank around and cap the enemies Gimmie’. Sounds sexual, but apparently isn’t.

Grenade Spam – When everybody is throwing grenades in an attempt to get “easy kills” in a close quarters situation. Operation Metro 2014 in Battlefield 4, around flag B, is where you’ll find this occurring most. Highly annoying but we all end up doing it.


He’s Lit – The enemy has taken damage. Alternatively, you could say “he’s hit”, which would make a lot more sense.

Hot Rez – To be said when reviving a team-mate whilst taking enemy fire. Often leads to Rambo or Suicide Rez.



Jet Ram – To intentionally ram a Jet into another aircraft or the ground, with the intention of taking out the enemy. Half decent players will manage to eject safely from their jet before performing the ramming. In any case, Jet ramming is frowned upon.


Kick – Like “ban” but you can re-join the server at a later time. Sometimes an admin may genuinely kick someone who hasn’t done anything wrong to, for instance, allow friends of platoon members onto the server. A half decent admin will tell you if this happens and apologise.

K/D – Kill/Death ratio (i.e. the number of kills you’ve made compared to the number of times you’ve died). Important in lesser games (see “COD“).


Lag – This is the delay that occurs when on Multiplayer due to slow network communication. Lag can be due to a number of factors, including server responses (the further the server is geo-located from the user the slower it will be to communicate with it) and the slowest user in a game (his slow responses will cause the game to slow for everyone else).

Like A Boss – Used to describe something that someone did as amazing or awesome. For example, “I owned that map like a boss”.

Loadout – Sounds sexual, but is in fact the equipment that your soldier carries.


Meat Shield – The act of putting one of your own team between yourself and an enemy soldier and, essentially, using him as a shield – the enemy can’t fire through him to you but you can do the reverse.

MoGZ – Masters of Gaming, sometimes Monsters of Gaming. ‘Master’ relating to long time devotion to online gaming.

MOHW – Medal of Honor : Warfighter. The last (probably literally) release of the Medal of Honor franchise. EA got the developers of the Antz videogame (bad start) to use Frostbite and still made a complete mess of it. The game performed, in all respects, badly. EA renamed the developers DICE Los Angeles to try to give them a modicum of respectability. MOHW is often played by Battlefield players as it shares Battlelog and they thought that using Frostbite it might be half-decent.

MVP – Most Valued Player. MVP2 is the second best player and MVP3 is, well, the third best. Nobody else counts in Battlefield. PTFO for a chance of MVP.


Nade That – An order to throw a grenade at a point of interest.

Nerfed – This expression is usually used when a weapon or vehicle is made less powerful than it was before. Named after the Nerf brand of toy guns.

Netcode – A shortening of “Network Code”, this is the part of any game’s program that controls online communication between users and servers.

NG – A nickname for an engineer (as in N-G-neer).

Noob – A new player usually identified during a game by their lowly rank. However, be wary that some players (see “Colonel 100“) have a tendency to create new profiles to look like a noob. Can also apply to none-new players who are playing rubbish. Also spelt as “n00b”. Example of usage – “Haha that n00b got pwned.”.

Noob Tube – The M320 grenade launcher. Called this because it’s deemed to be used by inexperienced players. Also known as a Pro Tube for the exact opposite reason.


OP – “Over Powered”. Opposite of “Nerfed“.

Overkill – To continue to kill someone even when they’re obviously already dead. Often performed by players with “rage“.


Party Chat – the PS4 introduced the concept of Party Chat (although ripped off the Xbox) where you can create “rooms” for up to 8 users where you can all communicate with each other. Due to BF4 not allowing for team chat this is the ideal solution, although confusion may occur when members are playing on different maps or even games. However, fun can be had when people are playing on the same game but on different sides!

Peeking – To pop out from behind cover or around a corner to observe the area and then pop straight back behind cover. You may be asked to not peek if you are the last of your squad. In that case it literally means “hide until you are spawned on.”

Perk – Another term for squad specialisations.

Perk Stacking – Where multiple people within a squad have the same specialisation, which essentially wastes their use.

PTFO – Play The Fuc**ng Objective. The fine, but often overlooked, art, of actually playing a map as you’re supposed to. For example, in a game of Conquest, capturing the bases.

Pushing – This is when you work your way towards an objective, the opposite to camping an objective. For example, “Cap B then push for C”.

Pwned – To be dominated by an opponent. Also know an “owned”.



Rage – When a player gets so angry, usually with their own performance, that they start shouting, swearing and generally getting abusive. Appears to affect US players more than those from other countries.

Rage Quit – The sudden exiting of a game by somebody who has “rage”.

Rambo Rez – Reviving a team-mate in a situation where you have little chance of survival but, somehow, do survive.

Randoms – people who join a game and aren’t part of a platoon. Particularly annoying if you’re having a clan game and “randoms” turn up.

Reps – To need repairing. For example, “I need reps”. Of course they could just as quickly say “I need repair” but that would be too easy.

Res (or Rez) – To revive a team-mate.

Rife’d – To be knifed immediately after being revived.

Rubber-banding – a variation of lag, where your soldier will suddenly move backwards, as if quickly pulled back on an elastic band.


Scrim – A friendly, organised match between two or more clans. Scrim is short for scrimmage (itself derived from skirmish).

Scrub – Someone who isn’t a noob but plays like one.

Server Rules – Server administrators often feel the need to assign, often ridiculous, rules to their servers which you aren’t aware of until you join the server. If an administrator catches you breaking one of these rules then they may “kick” or “ban” you. Server rules often consist of not allowing shotguns or any laser designator or missile launcher which may be used to take out aircraft. More obscure rules include banning specific weapons and even, if one case, repair tools. In many cases, see “badmin”.

Sexy Posing – The poor-mans follow-up to tea-bagging. Consists of posing in various forms that is deemed to be “sexy”. Also known as Sexy Man Posing.

Shitbucket – See “Colonel 100“.

SNAFU – “Situation normal: all fucked up”. It means that the situation is bad, but that this is a normal state of affairs. SNAFU also sometimes refers to a bad situation, mistake, or cause of trouble but is more commonly used to describe running into an error or problem that is large and unexpected.

Sniper – Players who prefer to lay down on a rock and shoot people through high-powered zoom lenses from the other side of the map. Most games consist of doing nothing and they are highly susceptible to being stabbed from behind. See “Pointless“.

SOFLAM – A useful gadget that nobody is sure how to pronounce. A laser designator, it’s hated by pilots and drivers but loved by those who are actually trying to “PTFO“.

Spamming – Refers to the repeated use of the same item or action. For example, “grenade spamming” is the act of a player throwing a large amount of grenades in succession into an area.

Spawn Bomb – The action of many squad mates spawning on a player at the same time to achieve an objective quickly. Be it capturing a base or killing a tank. Requires the original player to stay alive until the spawn bomb happens then everyone to act quickly.

Spawn rape – Similar to “Baserape“, but also includes hanging around spawn beacons so that you can kill enemies as they spawn.

Splash Bagging – Celebrate a kill by, over an enemies now limp body, lay down and rub your groin in his quickly. An evolution of tea bagging.

Squad Wipe – See “Wipe“.

Squeaker – a pre-pubescent player. The word comes from the fact that their voice still hasn’t broken. Expect to turn down your headset, as their high pitched voice often sounds extremely loud. Expect them to swear excessively and complain frequently.

Stacking – To manipulate the players in a game to make sure that one side is superior. Usually performed by “badmins“.

Suicide Rez – Reviving a team-mate in a situation where you know there’s little chance of survival for yourself and, indeed, dying.


Tea-bagging – Upon killing a player you crouch over their head and then stand up. Repeat this action. Never gets boring.

Torch – The repair gun, which is useful for repairing vehicles and killing snipers.

Troll – Somebody who plays the game in such a way to purposefully annoy people.

Tryhard – The act of playing the game with purpose and actually trying to win with no remorse. Usually stopped by a badmin.




WALL-E – Another name for the EOD Bot.

Wipe – When your entire squad dies at the same time. Often occurs when they all occupy a tank and Captain Britain here swings in with his C4 of death.