How Inclusive is the Battleshots Competition

The Battleshots competition has started, where you submit photos from Battlefield 4, depending on the day’s theme.

The winner of each day will receive an AMD Sapphire graphics card, a $50 DICE online store gift code, and a BF4 Premium membership code on your platform of choice.

Sound great? Well, let’s look at this a little more and you might realise this isn’t quite as inclusive as you’d think

The Entries

The winner is likely to have done 2 things…

  1. Get a dramatic action picture, probably set up on a private server
  2. Get it to be as visually stunning as possible

Today’s competition is “Vistas”. Here are some from Twitter user @RustyRecoil…

They meet my two point criteria but the critical thing is that they were created on a PC. Of course they were – meeting that second criteria would require a PC with graphics capabilities far in advance of what the consoles can produce. Indeed, PC owners have special tools that allow cinematic scenes to be created more easily…

In fact taking screenshots on anything other than a PC is impossible or, at best, fiddly. The PS3 certainly has no such facility, so I’m guessing they’re out (unless you have an expensive video capturing facilities). I’m used to taking screenshots on the PS4 but the timing of that is, shall we say, imprecise at best. My best bet would be extracting screenshots from video.

If you believe PC owners don’t have an advantage then, technically, only 20% of the competition winners should have PCs. Let’s see but I wouldn’t bet money on that being the case.

The Prizes

  • An AMD Sapphire graphics card. Where in my PS4 do I put this?
  • A $50 DICE online store gift code. I’m not in the US so how does this work? The DICE store defaults to GBP for me, so can I spend this and will it just do a straight conversion? Or will they supply me a gift card with the equivalent in my currency? It would be nice if this was made clear somewhere (it isn’t).
  • A BF4 Premium membership code. Won’t most people already have Premium?

So, in my case I’d win a PC graphics card even though I’m not a PC gamer, a gift code for a store in a currency that’s not mine and I’m not sure how it can be spent and a BF4 Premium that I already have.

To me that sounds to be aimed at casual US, PC gamers. Why can’t they offer prizes that people won’t have, for instance – something from DICE, special in-game dog tags, that kind of thing? The DICE store voucher is nice too but an explanation of how that will work for international orders would be appreciated.

If I had to put my money anywhere, I’d put it on the winners regularly being the YouTube content creators who are very good at setting up and creating fantastic scenes. Like @RustyRecoil.

And That's Not All...

Now a “Stunt Video” competition has been announced. As the name suggests you have to create a video of a stunt performed in BF4. The prize is a top-end PC. Again – aimed at the PC player?

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