Is Glyph the future for Battlefield players?

Whatever system you play Battlefield on, imaging doing so with the image being beamed directly onto retinas. Full, clear vision. 3D wouldn’t cause headaches as it won’t need you to re-focus and spectacle wearers wouldn’t need to bother either as the image could be altered to compensate for vision deficiencies.

The stuff of the future? How about right now… on Kickstarter for $499 (about £300).

Glyph does just this. Unlike a lot of products on Kickstarter the product is already a reality – the money being generated now is to improve it further.

Looking like a white pair of headphones, where the band has slipped down over your eyes, the Glyph also delivers a quality stereo soundtrack and is complete with a built-in microphone. Simply plug into your TV, console, PC, smartphone, tablet, whatever.


The image is only 1080 x 720 but those who’ve had a chance to try one have stated that “the picture I see already looks beautiful: high-res, colorful, and accurate, with none of the pixellation”.

Watch the video for more information or head to their Kickstarter page.

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