Is it time to give the M2 SLAM a chance?

slamThe M2 SLAM (Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition), introduced in Battlefield 4, is a great all-round portable explosive. Like a bastard child of C4 and the M15 mine, the M2 has capabilities even beyond either of these. It will be available to the Engineer class once you get a 74,000 engineer score.

If you’re not yet convinced of it’s capabilities let me give it a try.

First of all, what is it? The M2 is a truly portable explosive and a lot smaller than the M15 mine. It’s magnetic (although you’ll find it will stick to pretty much anything) and is set off by built-in 3 metre proximity detection.

So, for instance, you can…

  • Stick it to enemy vehicles like C4 but you don’t need a detonator – movement of the enemy vehicle will set it off
  • You can lay them on the floor like an M15 mine. Unlike an M15 a vehicle doesn’t have to hit them, just be within 2 metres
  • You can stick them to walls, which makes them harder to detect. For example, try sticking them on the underside of a bridge over a river to take out boats
  • They can be used when swimming, so feel free to stick some of the side of boats whilst you’re swimming about
  • With the 3m range you can drop them in shallow areas of water for instant use against boats and LAVs. I’ve even seen the SLAM take out a Little Bird as it hovers over a flag – the SLAM having been left on the ground earlier.
  • Stick it to your vehicles or jet for a much more explosive “suicide run” 😉 However, the SLAMs will detonate if the vehicle is still moving when unoccupied, so using a SLAM for this instance requires precise timing.
  • Like other explosives they will explode when shot at. This means that if a team member gets a SLAM onto a vehicle then you can shoot it to get it to explode, without waiting for the vehicle to move. Of course, this also plays the other way around – if you have a SLAM on your own vehicle (see the previous point) then this makes you more vulnerable.
  • Place them on empty vehicles – if an enemy gets in, as they drive off they will detonate.

As with the other explosives you get 3 by default but you can increase this to 6 with the Anti-Tank field upgrade.

The SLAMs will persist after death, meaning you can get disables and kills some time after placing them. However, placing new mines will make those previously placed disappear once the deployed mine limit is reached. Also, they are thrown a short way rather than dropped, like the M15s are.

Downsides? Well, it’s weaker than the equivalent M15 AT Mine. Three SLAMs are required to destroy a Main Battle Tank, two for IFVs, APCs and Armored Transports and one for light ground transport vehicles. A single SLAM will inflict a mobility hit on any ground vehicle.

Personally, the M2 is my explosive of choice now.

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