Is Second Assault Due For Release On 18th February?

Reddit user OurRobOrRos has spotted an Origin screen (in what appears to be German) that would suggest that the next BF4 DLC will be released on the 18th February.

Origin Second Assault Screen on English site…

Second Assault - Origin

Origin Second Assault Screen on German site…

Second Assault - Origin DE

Second Assault contains four remakes of Battlefield 3 maps, including Gulf of Oman, Operation Metro, Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm. It was included with the Xbox One version of the game from launch as a timed exclusive.

Unlike China Rising it is heavily suggested (including from the trailer) that Levolution will be in use…

  • Operation Metro has breakable parts of the ceiling and lights that can be turned off in certain hallways
  • Gulf of Oman has a sandstorm and you can destroy the cranes
  • Operation Firestorm has pipes you can shoot, resulting in them exploding and spurting fire
  • Caspian Border has the tower which can be destroyed

Now officially announced!

DICE have now confirmed that Second Assault will be available on the 18th February. It will be available 2 weeks later for non-premium members.

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