Kingston HyperX Genesis Memory – Na’Vi Edition

Kingston Technology, known for their memory products, have developed a range of items in collaboration with the world’s multiple champion eSports club Natus Vincere. Known as Na’Vi Edition, these sport a yellow and black colour scheme.

The Na’Vi Edition memory is based upon Kingston’s HyperX Genesis Memory. And in this case they appear to have identical specifications to the standard Kingston versions. As with the SSD, I just happen to have these in my PC already so benchmarking them was easy – not surprisingly, they are the same. When you don’t have something different to test against it’s difficult to do a comparison. However, the fact that I chose the Kingston HyperX memory for my own rig and it’s PCMark results are some of the highest I’ve seen should tell you that these are pretty quick 😉

In this case I tested the 8GB set, which consists of 2 sets of 4GB dual channel DDR3 memory running at 1600MHz. Covered in yellow and black heat spreaders these do look the part. The standard versions come in an assortment of colours – mine are grey and silver.

The memory comes in a cardboard covered plastic case which, unlike the SSD, doesn’t require scissors to get into.

The Na’Vi Edition seems to be a few pounds more than the standard version. However, with the Na’Vi being a new, limited edition product, you can shop around for the standard HyperX memory a lot more and it’s easily found at £10 less than the Na’Vi equivalent.


Brilliantly fast – my benchmarks are off the scale – and with some useful heat spreaders that keep the temperature down this brand of memory is certainly my recommendation if you’re looking for a quick rig for Battlefield.

If yellow and black Na’Vi branded memory is just what you need then this is highly recommended. But if looks and branding aren’t important I’d recommend the standard HyperX Genesis brand.

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