Knife Countering and Invulnerability

In Battlefield 4 a knife counter occurs when you are attacked by a knife from the front. By hitting the right button at the right time you are able to turn the knife on the attacker. However, it’s little known that during such a counter move the person being (initially) attacked become invulnerable to anyone but their attacker. This means that any opposition player is unable, for example, to shoot them – in any other knife attack this is possible. It’s not a bug, however, but how it’s intended to work.

The following is a video I put together to demonstrate. I am twice attacked from a frontal position by people wishing to knife me. Each time I counter them whilst their teammates standby unable to assist. It’s only after the second counter that I am taken down, gunned down by two of them.

The reason for it was explained on Reddit by a member of DICE…

A front knife is risky, you accept that risk when doing it, if you get countered you pay the consequence, the other player gets rewarded.
What good would a knife counter be if it’s still a loss for you as the victim if his buddy can just pop you for his decision to take that risk and failing?

I don’t agree with this, however, and from the responses he received on Reddit nor do others. What are your thoughts on this?

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