Loadout Presets added to Battlelog

Today’s Battlelog update will introduce a new feature – Loadout Presets. Available to the Battlelog website and apps it’s accessible via the Loadout tab. It will allow to to save a predefined Loadout, under a name of your choosing, for quick deployment. The website will allow you to manage and apply your presets, whilst the app will allow you to just manage them.

So, you may have an Assault preset for Medic but also one for, say, Operation Locker where you have a more close quarters gun and grenade launcher.

You can save 2 presets per kit and vehicle (4 for Premium members). Sadly you can’t apply them from the game itself.

Presets can be saved from the Loadout screen and the following screen is where you can manage presets…


Or from a simple drop-down for the loadout for any class or vehicle…

Presets on App

Whether this new feature will be of use depends on your play style. I’ll certainly use it a little but, I’ll admit, I don’t usually have Battlelog open during a game to be able to easily switch kits between maps.

Update 1

Corrected the screenshot titles – the original details from DICE were un-clear

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