Mantle and Battlefield 4

The latest Battlefield 4 update for PC has now added support for Mantle. But what is it, will it work for you and how do you use it?

What is Mantle?

Mantle is a new low-level graphics API specifically for certain models of AMD GPU. By using this, instead of DirectX, vast improvements in performance can be achieved – DICE themselves have reported anything from 14% to 58% improvements.

The biggest improvements occur when your CPU becomes the bottleneck – often the case in high end machine.

DICE information about Mantle

Who Can Use It?

Anything using an AMD Radeon GPU with Graphics Core Next.

What about the consoles? Technically, the GPUs inside both consoles are 7850’s which should support it as they too are GCN compatible. However, as a rival to Microsoft’s DirectX it won’t come as a surprise that Microsoft have already come out and said that the Xbox won’t use it. Sony have said nothing but it appears unlikely.

How to Enable Mantle

  • First of all you’ll need the latest AMD drivers – AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta drivers or better.
  • You’ll need to be running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or above.
  • Ensure you have the latest BF4 PC patch installed.

If you have the above you will see a new “Graphics API” option in the in-game Graphics Options settings after starting the game, here you can switch between using DirectX 11 and Mantle (remember to restart the game after changing).

Mantle Graphics Options

If the “Graphics API” option is missing, that means you do not have a compatible GPU and driver. The game will use the standard DirectX API instead.

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