MBT Loadout in Battlefield 4

The Main Battle Tank can be a powerful vehicle and thanks to new weapons, introduced in Battlefield 4, it can be decidedly more deadly than ever before.

Of course, you need those weapons first and, if you’re no the best tank driver, spending some time as a gunner with an expert driver will soon get you the unlocks you need.

As a driver the following loadout is highly recommended…

  • Primary – AP Shell
  • Countermeasure – Active Protection
  • Optics – Zoom Optics
  • Upgrades – Reactive Armor

As you can see for the primary weapon I suggest sticking with the default AP Shell. Not only does it deliver high damage to all types of armour, but it can also be a big help in taking down infantry. The HE Shell is worthy of consideration though as it travels at a lower velocity but deals heavy damage to armoured targets. If infantry isn’t a concern for you, give this option a try.

As for  the secondary weapon, there’s a trick here! If you don’t have a competent gunner then the Coaxial HMG is a must, to ensure you can protect yourself from infantry. However, if you do then equip yourself with the Staff Shell. Then, when attacking another armoured vehicle, fire the Sabot, switch to secondary and then fire the Staff. Whilst the secondary is firing the primary will be reloading and you can quickly fire again.

A fellow clan member used this technique and was accused of cheating by one of the tank drivers that he took out. No cheating but an excellent and swift method of despatch.

For those who like their tank stats, the tanks available in BF4 are the M1 Abrams for the US, the T-90 for Russia and the Type 99 for China.

What do the Pros do?

So, looking at the top 5 MBT scorers on Battlelog, what loadout do they use?

  • Primary – AP Shell (5/5)
  • Secondary – Staff Shell (1/5), LMG (1/5), HMG (3/5)
  • Countermeasure – Active Protection (5/5)
  • Optics – Zoom Optics (4/5), Thermal (1/5)
  • Upgrades – Reactive Armor (1/5), Autoloader (4/5)

The biggest difference here is the use of Autoloader as an upgrade. This allows you to reload your shells quicker but, obviously, leaves you more defenceless as you don’t have the reactive armour – certainly a suggestion for the brave, I would suggest!

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  1. good article – the Staff shell is getting a downgrade though in the latest patch so this may effect a lot of peoples tactics in an MBT (including mine).

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