My Final Thoughts on the Battlefield Hardline Beta

The Battlefield Hardline beta finished last Thursday. Did I enjoy it in the end? I didn’t at first but, have to say, I warmed to it – the more I played it that more I did come to like it. Indeed, I wish I’d played it more initially as, by the time I was enjoying it, there wasn’t enough time to hit the maximum rank (for which you’ll get a bonus in the actual game).

Why? Well, I switched to Blood Money from Heist for a start – I much enjoy playing the former, in particular because I found it easier to know what I was doing. Soon I was stealing money and returning it to my safe and earning big. But, also because it was a break from BF4. It’s been a while since the last DLC release and, well, it was welcome to play something different.

Have I now pre-ordered Hardline? No. My concern before still stands – it’s too similar to BF4, indeed seeming like a “re-skinned” version of the same game (I spotted a bug in it that used to be in BF4 and has since been fixed and, recently, others have been highlighting other such bugs). So spending another £50 for the game and, potentially, £30 for Premium is daunting.

What they have said is that there will be another (all platform this time) Beta nearer release time. Hopefully enough progress will have been made to justify the price. We can only hope, at least. What I am glad of is that they released the Beta so far from release – EA seem to be learning from the mistakes of BF4, hopefully ensuring that anything major can be resolved before anybody pays for anything.

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