New Battlefield Hardline Weapons & Gadgets

When Battlefield Hardline Robbery is released so will a patch which includes new weapons and gadgets. This update will be available to all, not just Premium members.


Carbine Rifle for all classes

The throwback semi-automatic Carbine rifle has less range than a typical Carbine or assault rifle, but makes up for with increased damage. This is a perfect all-class, mid-range weapon choice.

New sidearm for all classes

This short-to-medium range pistol shoots armour-piercing rounds.

Assault rifle for the Operator class

It fires 5.56MM x 45MM at 850 rounds-per-minute, and is most effective in medium-ranged combat.

Shotgun for the Enforcer class

This is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun that’s extremely effective in close-quarters.

Sniper Rifle for the Professional class

This semi-automatic sniper rifle shoots a .416 round, and is a go-to weapon for long-range combat.

SMG for the Mechanic class

This SMG fires a 9mm bullet and is great for the short-to-medium ranged game.

SMG for all classes

SMG-style weapon that fires rounds that can penetrate body armour; great short-to-medium ranged weapon.


FR Mask

The FR Mask will be available as a gadget for the Operator class. This fire-resistant mask reduces – sometimes eliminates – fire damage from Molotov’s and incendiary grenades. Users of this gadget will stand out in a firefight with their NOMEX hood and goggles.

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