Origin Sale

Yes, it was my intention to not publish anything over Easter but, when exciting news is released, it has to be told!

Origin are having a sale at the moment (ends 24th April) and it includes Battlefield. So, if you’re a PC player or have ever thought of being one, this may be the time to pick up a bargain. The following include the UK prices (US prices are not available to me, but my belief is that this sale includes the US, if not worldwide). I’ve put the original prices in brackets immediately after the sale price.

Battlefield 2

The complete collection of Battlefield 2 is available for £7.49 (£14.99). This includes the game as well as the Special Forces Expansion Pack, Euro Force Booster Pack and Armored Fury Booster Pack.

Battlefield 2142

The futuristic Battlefield 2142 is just £4.99 (£9.99). Now you can play Naval Assault the way it originally was 😉

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The much missed BC2 is just £9.99 (£19.99)  with the Vietnam expansion pack £4.99 (£9.99). Alternatively, plump for the £14.99 Deluxe Edition to get both and more besides.

Battlefield 3

Here’s the cracker – BF3 is just £3.75 (£14.99). Each DLC is £5.99 (£11.99) although it’s cheaper to just for a Premium upgrade for £7.49 (£14.99). Alternatively, get all with the Premium Edition for £12.49 (£24.99).

I had all of the above but have now added BF3 to my PC collection – nice!

Battlefield 4

Get the latest (and maybe greatest – post complaints below) for £22.99 (£44.99). No offers on Premium but you can buy the Premium edition of BF4, which includes the game and Premium for £62.03 (£84.98). The China Rising DLC is £8.39 (£11.99) – no others are included.

As well as all of the above, premium unlocks are also included, such as Bad Company 2 kit upgrades.

Other titles in the sale include Batman: Arkham Asylum, Crysis 3 and Titanfall, amongst many others.

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