Playstation 4 Rapid Fire Modded Controller with Ragnarok

In this video BEEBOYBEAST, AKA Nyan.C (my son), will do a review and show all the Mods on his new PS4 Modded controller from Extreme-mods.

This controller works with Battlefield 3/4 and Call of Duty Games (some mods may not work with some games).

PRICE: $149.99 US/CAN


  • Rapid Fire Modes with Adjustable Firing Rates & Custom Firing Rates
  • Dual Trigger Rapid Fire with Adjustable Firing Rates & Custom Firing Rates
  • Jitter Mode with Adjustable Jitter Speeds – Allows weapons to shoot much faster than they were intended to shoot!
  • Burst Mode with Adjustable Burst Rates (2-5 shots per burst) & Custom Burst Rates
  • Turbo Melee Mode with Adjustable Delays – This significantly decreases the time you have to wait between knife presses in Modern Warfare 2 & 3, and Black Ops 2
  • Akimbo Mode with Adjustable Firing Rates & Custom Fire Speed
  • Drop Shot Mode with 2 Changeable Modes – This drops you to the ground as you are firing your weapon to make it much harder for your enemy to hit you!
  • Quick Scope Mode with Adjustable Delay & Custom Delay – When using a sniper rifle this will scope in and fire the shot just as the gun scopes in. With the right timing and aiming this can make you a one man army!
  • Fast Reload Mode with Adjustable Timing – Reload and start firing your weapon again BEFORE they can reload theirs!
  • Jump Shot Mode with 2 Changeable Modes
  • Auto Aim Mode
  • Auto Sprint Mode – Now you don’t have to mash the left thumbstick to sprint. This does it for you automatically!
  • Auto Spot Mode – In Battlefield you can help out your team by “spotting” an enemy. Once spotted he will show up on your teammate’s radar!
  • Sniper Auto Hold Breath – This will make your sniper automatically hold his breath when he aims!
  • Zombie Auto Aim – In the special zombie arcade mode, repeatedly pulling the left trigger will cause the sights to lock on to the nearest zombie!
  • 10 Selectable Button Layouts – Use your favorite button layout by choosing one of the button layout modes below!
    1. Default
    2. Tactical
    3. Lefty
    4. Nom4d
    5. Nom4d Flipped
    6. Default Flipped
    7. Tactical Flipped
    8. Lefty Flipped
    9. 9: Nom4d Flipped
    10. Nom4d Tactical Flipped
  • Easy Factory Reset – Resets your mod back to factory defaults in the event you don’t recall which modes have been activated.
  • Compatible with all Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC games
  • Can be used on your Playstation 3 console with a USB cable!
  • Custom Rainbow Color 4-Quadrant Indicator
  • Mod switch allows you to easily change between modes or program your own custom settings

P.S. All the Mods above come with the controlle

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