Potential new features for PlayStation 4 revealed?

SurveySony regularly send surveys to targeted PlayStation users. One of their more recent asks for people to vote on a series of potential features and state how appealing they are. Now, the fact that they’re asking would suggest that Sony are, at least, considering them.

So, what features are they asking about?

  • A player reputation system (already a feature on the Xbox One)
  • A gamer matchmaking system
  • The ability to chat across PlayStation platforms (inc. Vita and PS3)
  • Able to change your PlayStation user name
  • An invisibility option, so others won’t see when you’re online
  • Party chat with more than 8 people
  • Synchronisation of messages across PlayStation platforms
  • On-screen prompts for when your friends come online

Personally, the two stand outs for me are the Party Chat numbers and the option to change your user name. Others would be nice but these two are certainly ones that I’d really appreciate.

Prompts for friends are useful but, as I found on the PS3, annoying when you’re trying to watch something on Netflix. Maybe some kind of quick suppression of these would be useful or, better still, the ability to specify programs that won’t be disturbed by these at all (maybe available by pressing Option button on an application).

I have just one question… where’s my survey?

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  1. I agree entriely dark. I don’t own a vita so not bothered there. Party chat is desperate for an increase. Knowing when people are coming online is also useful to then invite them.

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