Reducing On-Screen Clutter in Battlefield 4

This is the last in my series of looking at Battlefield 4 options, and covers those options that allow you to modify what’s presented on-screen.

BF4 often refers to your “HUD” (Head Up Display) and this refers to any of the permanent on-screen graphics – the mini-map, for example. The thing is, a lot of this, as well as various messages flashing up, can be distracting during a game. Therefore a number of options exist to allow you to control how these are presented.

Video Options

HUD Size – here you can specify the size of the HUD. This doesn’t move their positions on the screen but changes the size of each component (e.g. mini map). Reducing this is a great way to reduce anything from affecting your view of the Battlefield, but just make sure you don’t drop it so low that you struggle to see it.

Gameplay Options

HUD Visibility – not sure why the size is a separate option to the visibility, but there you go. Use this to change the transparency of the HUD items – it’s a good idea to reduce this down so that you can see through your HUD more clearly (but again, not affecting your ability to read it).

Battlelog In-Game – this is the group of icons in the top right hand corner, providing Battlelog details. If you don’t use it (I don’t!) then you can remove it.

There are also a number of options, which you can switch off, to prevent information from “popping up” on the screen. If you don’t need to know it, switch it off to avoid distraction…

Kill Log – This is the list of kills that have occurred and are shown in the top right hand corner

Award Message – These are the ribbons, medals, unlocks that appear when you received them

Game Mode Message – These are the in-game messages that appear, relevant to the mode you’re playing – e.g. if an M-COM has been destroyed when playing Rush.

Lastly, there are options for “Hint System” and “Tutorials” to remove the various pieces of advice that might appear – although by the time you no longer need it, you might find it’s stopped displaying anyway.

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