Rented Servers Are Coming for Consoles – Eventually!

During a discussion on Reddit about Battlefield 4, in which a couple of DICE developers were involved, a question was asked about whether rented servers for consoles were imminent.

The answer came from DICE user DarkLord7854

Once the rubberbanding is fixed, I would think you’ll hear more about them

So, now you know – they’re due but they need to sort out the network issues first. To me this makes sense – whenever DICE do anything other than fix these bugs they get accused of spending time on the wrong thing. Sadly, DICE are always “damned if they do and damned if they don’t”…

This was one of many along similar lines and just the responses to the above Tweet are indicative of how some players really can’t make up their mind what they want. Do you want new features or, to quote so many forums, should they “fix the netcode”?

Server Promotion

From another conversation, the following information about rented servers has been revealed…

Once rented servers become available for consoles, leaders will be able to “promote” servers they’ve rented on the Platoon’s Server page. We’re still looking into how to do a good flow for this on PC – PC servers are not something we can control, so it’s a much more complicated matter

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