Rolling Server Reloads and an Update Today!

Starting yesterday DICE has announced they will be rebooting their servers every other Tuesday. It’s definitely official as the following message is appearing on the game front-end for console owners…

Server restart message

However, nothing has been announced in the forums and it’s not clear if this will be for PC servers as well (although DICE say they have no control over those so that may not be the case).

The reloads will start at 2am PDT / 9am UTC. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for the server to restart.

There is also a server patch being released today (confirmed by PC server host, Hypernia), R32. However, there has been no official announcement and no change log published. Once one has, I’ll publish it here!

Timing, as they say, is everything yet they appear to be pushing out a server update the day after they rebooted all of the servers. Would it not make sense to combine both activities, otherwise you just end up with reboots on two successive days. In a way it could be like Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, where DICE could push server updates out on Tuesdays and the arranged reloads will install them and perform the reloads all at the same time. But maybe I’m expecting too much 🙂

Server update details

As promised, the changelog for the server update has been released, so here it is. You shouldn’t add too much wear to your mouses scroll wheel…

  • Fix for an issue where the player could get stuck in a loading screen on a server that had an uneven number of slots
  • Fix for the Live Scoreboard that would be active without a game on a server
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