Sony Reveals Code to Get 10% Off in PSN Store

After the DDOS attack on PSN over Christmas, Sony revealed it would compensate users with a 5 day extension to their PSN account and a one-time 10% off voucher. Well, here are the codes you need (country dependant)…

Australia: K5B9PMJQMF
Bahrain: QC86D5C7CD
Belgium: KPBH6DAH9D
Bulgaria: J49QT96DLD
Croatia: EMKDP7T657
Cyprus: LBL4F2T854
Czech Republic: HLTCL52QCQ
Denmark: Q4E7J3GEP3
Finland: 2BTQAHF2AL
France: KCQDNMGR94
Germany: B6P3N5ATNK
Greece: 7AAQQC83F9
Iceland: KEM4JD98DA
India: R99P6BR9FG
Ireland: C4EFQJ4KFB
Israel: QG6DQJKN69
Italy: 3NBPML225L
Kuwait: 7LTL3R55DH
Lebanon: DG32HDLLE8
Luxembourg: FQLKDNN5BR
Netherlands: DDHBNBF9EK
New Zealand: 7LMGFC3B33
Oman: 7D995HE92Q
Poland: 9C38255C6L
Portugal: PBTRQ7FGBF
Qatar: 2P863Q427A
Romania: A3G86KQ7T3
Russia: T34NK72FQ6
Saudi Arabia: 93NBHTTJDG
Slovakia: F8LRPK323P
Slovenia: HPDEG94QQF
South Africa: BD43JPHDJJ
Sweden: 3E4MBKJTG6
Switzerland: 9FTRKF52QL
Turkey: QCDTCD526N
Ukraine: 233NJCNQ59
United Kingdom: T6R3KB529K

This offer runs until 9am (GMT) on 26th January. Some exceptions do apply, including subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, rental video content, pre-orders and transactions made on PlayStation Store via the PS Vita, PlayStation TV or PSP content. Basically – use it to buy games via the Sony website, PS3 or PS4!

Just 3 days to use it, minimal communication, and severe restrictions on it’s use, I’m sure Sony could have done better. However, playing Devil’s advocate, the attack was not the fault of Sony, so anything is better than nothing, isn’t it?

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