Stingers/Iglas – Anti-Air Tips

Various users on the Battlelog forums have brought the subject of the lock on Anti-Air rockets. The biggest complaint has been that they require no skill, but that is where those users are misinformed. How, you may ask, does a Stinger/Igla require skill? Well for the most part, a skillful player doesn’t just fire and expect the rocket to impact the aircraft.

Stingers require patience, if you just fire and forget, chances are the pilot has deployed counter measures and gotten rid of that pesky rocket. Take your time with this weapon, make the lock and scare them away or into a false sense of security. Chances are the pilot will deploy flares or flee as soon as they are locked giving you the chance to either preserve your ammo, or take the sure-fire hit that may take them down long enough for either you or your team-mates to finish them off. Don’t forget that you have a maximum range of 350 meters for your Stinger to lock on.

Iglas are trickier to use. You have the ability to go through the enemy counter measures by relocking the aircraft without having to reload, but you have to stand in the open for a longer amount of time in order for your rocket to make impact (unless the aircraft was locked onto by teammates PLR or SOFLAM). In a way, the Igla requires more guts and reliance on teamwork to use, have someone watching your back or make sure that the immediate area is clear. Remember: ammo conservation before kill. Do not fire unless the aircraft has already deployed countermeasures or you have a clear open area to take the shot with relock after countermeasures.

Yes, rockets require skill to take down an aircraft, especially against scout helicopters and jets, but so do Stingers and Iglas. A skilled player will know exactly how to use these weapons to their advantage.

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