Stupid Server Rules

BF3 Server Ban

Rules can be stupid but also funny!

Anyone can hire a server and run their own BF3 maps. It’s great to do and give you a lot of freedom to run games as you want.

When you start a new game you might often see server rules being listed. These have been defined by the owner but are only enforceable by administrators – nothing can apply these automatically.

I started a game Caspian Border Conquest last night and was met with 3 simple rules. “No Stinger. No Javelin. No Soflam”. This immediately tells me something – it’s owned by somebody who likes flying. All 3 of these can be used for anti-aircraft purposes.

This then told me something else and once the game started I was right. The game was extremely one-sided with the administrator controlled (winning) side base and spawn raping. No one had a chance and if you dared try and do something about it you could be banned for breaking the rules.

Of course, it’s always worth checking first, no matter what the rules are. If there are no administrators in the game then there’s no one to enforce them. In this case you could potentially rack up some great air kills with a Soflam and Javelin.

As a friend of mine says, “break the rules if they’re stupid. If they ban you, you’ve haven’t lost anything as that’s not a server you want to be on”. But, as he also says, “there are no rules in war”. Overly serious but true.

Other rules I often see – no C4 on flags and no shotguns. Some will also ban “noobs”. I’ve even seen one ban females.

My own clan has no specific rules like this. All they ask is for you not to a dick and PTFO.

Do I agree with my friend? I do.

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