The ONE thing that bugs me about the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

…is that it is classed as a “Beta”. Here’s the definition of a Beta, according to Wikipedia…

Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs

But Battlefront Beta isn’t “feature complete” as most of the game modes and maps were missing, as well as various weapons and personalisation features. The idea of a Beta is to allow users to try ALL the features of the software and help identify any outstanding bugs. If a massive number of the features are missing how do you do this? In comparison, here is the definition of demo software…

Demoware is a demonstration version of software. There are generally two types demoware: that which is crippled (vital features of the program are disabled), and that which has a trial period.

The Battlefront Beta is both time limited and had a large number of features missing.

So DICE, let’s have a correction – this is a Star Wars Battlefront DEMO.

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