The Ultimate Guide to Battlefield 4 Emblems

If you’ve not come across emblems before in Battlefield 4 then these are graphical “logos” that can be assigned to your Platoon and, separately, your soldier. When playing BF4 your emblem will appear on your gun and any vehicle that you’re controlling.

Emblems are edited via Battlelog and consist of a number of shapes and patterns which you can overlay, rotate and re-size and, even, colour with a large palette available to you. The shapes available to you increase as you unlock further ones in Battlepacks. The only limit is that you can only use up to 40 shapes (or layers, as Battlelog calls them) per emblem.

However, the detail of emblems that can be created can be quite amazing, but they do require patience. Some of my favourites are below…

But before we continue I think there are two tips for emblems that I need to share first.

  1. Be careful what you create! Emblems can be reported to EA, just as anything else can be. A recent platoon recruit to my clan was turned away because of the use of a swastika as an emblem. He was not just turned away but a number of people then reported it.
  2. Remember that it will appear on dark coloured guns and vehicles in-game. Therefore dark coloured emblems are not likely to show up very well.

How to Edit your Emblem

Sign into Battlelog and bring up your soldier’s main screen (that’s the one that shows your dogs tags, service stars, etc).

If you already have an Emblem then behind your soldier profile should be your emblem. If you hover your pointer over this then an option to “Customize Emblem” should appear. Click on this to be taken to the editor screen.

If you don’t currently have an Emblem then you’ll need to click on the “Customize” button in the top right hand corner and then select “Emblem”. You can also use this method if you already have an emblem.

Along the top of your screen will be an existing emblems which you can click on and edit. There is also an option to “+ ADD” a new emblem.

Drag any of the shapes from the left hand side into the main editor window, where you can begin to create your emblem. Using the boxes and lines around the image you can drag and resize the shape. Clicking on a colour from the palette below will then colour the currently selected shape appropriately – you can even supply an RGB colour for total control. The slider underneath allows you to define the depth and there are a number of icons above the palette for further rotation and depth options.

All of the used shapes will appear on the right hand side, any of which you can select and, if you want, remove.

Once complete press the “Save & Use” button in the top right hand corner. However, before you do that, there is a “Share” setting – this lets you choose who can also access your created emblem.

How to Copy an Emblem

If you’ve seen somebody else’s emblem in Battlelog and you’d like to copy it, then it’s easy. Kind of.

As I said before the same emblem system is used by Platoons – when you join a platoon, by default, their emblem will override your own, although you can switch this back by simply heading back to your editor and re-selecting the emblem of your choice.

However, if a soldier’s emblem is a platoon emblem then you can’t copy it from them – you have to go the Platoon to do it.

Ok, let’s take it from the start. Head to the soldiers page on Battlelog (you remember, the one with the dog tags, etc) and click on their emblem. It will either take you to a list of their personal emblems or to their platoon, depending on who’s emblem they’re using.

If the former simply click on “Copy emblem to my gallery” in the top right.

If you’re taken to their platoon screen and you’re not a member then, well, you can’t copy it. If you are a member then under the platoon emblem you’ll see a button named “Use emblem and tag”.

Sharing Emblems

With the help of a modern web browser, and a huge selection of pre-made emblems, it’s very easy to import new emblems. Here’s how you do in three easy steps:

  1. Go to and select one of the many emblems. One the emblem page, simply highlight the code and copy it. Some emblems will only work for Premium players as they use shapes that are only available to them – these are shown on the site via the Premium icon.
  2. Open Battlelog and get into the emblem editor. Create a new emblem, and then hit Ctrl-Shift-J in Google Chrome (Ctrl-Shift-K for Firefox, F12 in Internet Explorer), which will open up the console for the web page.
  3. Go to the bottom of the console page, and paste the code (Ctrl-V) that you copied from the emblem page. Hit Enter, and the emblem should now appear in the editor – just hit “Save & Use”.

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