Upcoming PS4 system update v2.00

This Autumn, Sony will release system update 2.00 for the PlayStation 4. The update will add highly requested broadcast and video share features, including both uploading you game play footage and dedicated app support for YouTube. What’s New will also get enhanced real-time activity through friend-of-friend suggestions, allowing instant access to friends’ and recently played games’ broadcast. However, it’s Share Play that’s got most people talking.

Share Play will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game, even when they don’t own a copy of it. With this feature you’ll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room. You can even jump into a game to assist a friend – for example, if there is part of a game that you can’t quite finish, you can invite a friend to take over your controls. Like handing over the controller to a friend on your sofa, your screen will be shared as your friend gets through the part of the game that has been giving you trouble.

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