Using an M2 SLAM

Battlefield 4 introduced the M2 SLAM (Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition), essentially a motion-sensitive explosive, which can be equipped by the Engineer class. Although not the case in reality, the SLAM in Battlefield can be easily stuck to any surface.

There are two key skills to laying the perfect SLAM – stealth and prediction.


This is all about placing the SLAM somewhere where it won’t be seen. Laying them on a long stretch of road is likely to fail (except for the occasional driver who doesn’t bother spotting ahead of them) as they’ll be seen and either dodged or destroyed.

Placing an M2 on grass and general scrub are an effective way of making them less obvious (although someone spamming the spot will always find them, no matter what).

That’s not to say they should never been laid out in the road – effective placing of them can still achieve results. For example, on Lancang Dam, between flags D and E, there is a tight bend in the road. You can lay slams in the road on the side of the bend that will be blind to the enemy coming around the corner (and which side of the road is dependant on which side of the map the enemy base is).

To understand stealth more you have to recognise the two properties of the M2 – it sticks and it triggers at a distance. So, dropping it in water (unless it’s particularly deep) will work with water vehicles. Also, sticking it to the underside of bridges will work against them too. Back to the road, a wall at the side of the road is one of the ideal places to place a SLAM as most people will be looking for them on the road itself. A good example of placement, for instance, is the gateway through the wall on Caspian Border, between flag A and C.


Prediction, as you’d imagine, is about working out where a vehicle is likely to go. So, if a LAV has just turned up at a flag and is pointing towards another flag which is not under their control, they’re likely to head that direction – in this case, you’d lay SLAMs at the exit. In fact, predicting which flag will be visited next is to key to this. As a basic example, if the enemy have taken all bar one flag then you just know which flag they will head to next.

If there’s a large hole in the road then some people will lay a SLAM in the hole itself – the dip will hide the SLAM from view. But, the thing is, it’s unlikely anyone will intentionally drive through such a hole, unless there’s no room either side to do otherwise. So, in this case, the prediction is that they’ll go around it, so SLAMs hidden around the hole and more likely to be triggered.


What should never be forgotten is the amount of damage that a SLAM can do, or rather can’t. In recent times the SLAM has been ‘buffed’ so it’s less effective than it once was. Never-the-less, careful placement can still destroy a MBT, although I always try to remain nearby with an RPG, just in case 😉

The following represents the damage a SLAM can cause to various vehicles, when there is direct contact…

Main Battle Tank – 28
Infantry Fighting Vehicle – 28
Light Jeeps – 55 (Critical Hit)
MRAP Jeeps – 36 (Critical Hit)
Mobile Anti-Air – 28
M142 HIMARS – 36 (Critical Hit)
Transport Helicopter – 44 (Critical Hit)
Attack Boat – 28
RHIB Boats – 44
Attack Helicopter – 77 (Critical Hit)
Scout Helicopter – 77 (Critical Hit)

So, 3 SLAMs on an MBT with full health will result in a loss of 84, leaving just 16 (hence the RPG to finish off). So, if the MBT has already lost 16 or more health 3 SLAMs will be sufficient to destroy it.

Lastly, a couple of things to remember…

  1. If the mines’ operator is killed, the gadget persist on the battlefield until destroyed/removed.
  2. The mines disappear in ascending order when the player already has 6 mines up and deploys more.

Oh, and don’t do this…

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