What’s the Future for Battlefield?

In recent days questions over the release of the next Battlefield 4 DLC, Dragon’s Teeth, have been answered. Kind of. Origin started showing a release date of July, which soon switched to Summer. The DLC after that, and also the last, also has the same date showing – Summer. This certainly fits in with the estimate I put forward sometime ago, showing that EA had switched Battlefield to a yearly release cycle. Although we don’t know EXACTLY when Dragon’s Teeth will be out, we know it will be in the next couple of months. After that we can look forward to Battlefield Hardline in November.

But, what about all those Battlefield fans who don’t like Hardline? They exist and they’re quite a number. Hardline isn’t Battlefield – it’s a neat variation on the theme but it’s not the “proper” Battlefield experience. Besides, with Hardline being so close in look and feel to BF4, I suspect many will be wary of paying for the new game (especially if you factor in the cost of Premium).

Where does that leave us?

Well, I don’t expect another Battlefield game until late 2015 – yearly cycles, remember. Whether this is Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3, it’s a long way off. What will BF4 players do in the meantime if they don’t want to buy Hardline? Players are already “champing at the bit” for Dragon’s Teeth (no pun intended) after waiting just a few months. Let’s say the last BF4 DLC is released in August – that’s potentially 14 months until the 2015 Battlefield titles comes out. Will gamers wait that long with no further DLCs? I suspect not.

EA have Star Wars Battlefront coming out but that’s pegged at Q2/Q3 next year – potentially not that long before the next Battlefield title. Instead, and I hate to say it, it may leave Call of Duty to pick up the pieces – Advanced Warfare comes out later this year and, if it lives up to the early hype, may be enough to tempt Battlefield players away.

Hardline was a bold move, but it may be the wrong move to retain their loyal players (all of which were tested with the release of Battlefield 4)? EA either need to make a surprising move (another game or extending the life of BF4) or risk losing what DICE have spent years building.

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  1. i really have to agree with you on this one. for one i don’t know what they were thinking when they decided to make hardline. Ok i get the point of trying to give us something different, but then they make it just like battlefield only with criminals and the law. This makes absolutly no sense because its not a battlefield even if they call it “War On Crime” LOL. I have to admit IM getting kinda tired of waiting for DT it getting frustrating but i think it will be worth the wait and not like the recent Naval Strike Treadmill. While runnung in place might be healthy its not good for gameplay… All i can say is ive been a hardcore fan of BF since Bad Company and i completely agree with you when u say what are they doing. We already have a bad taste in our mouth from all the BF4 issue’s they have to do something or like u said soon DICE will be the popular gaming company of the past and will lose everything they worked for so hard. Something needs to be done before they crash and burn…

    Good Article Darkstorm40.

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