What’s the Reality of Battlefield 5?

Having an interest in film music after watching Ender’s Game last week I looked up the composer on IMDB (it sounded, at times, very “Tron Legacy”). The composer was Steve Jablonsky – nothing to do with Tron Legacy, but composer of music from The Island and various of the Transformers films. But there’s something else of interest in his list…


Let’s look, first, at what appears wrong with this.

  • A release date of 2018 is a long, long way off for there to be details of cast and crew. And 2018 for Battlefield 5? Even if next year’s release is Bad Company 3 and they follow that up with Hardline 2 (or equivalent) that would still pitch it for 2017 at the latest. Also odd that DICE’s release for next year is not recorded anywhere.
  • The “attached” Director and Writer is Tyler James, somebody known only for a horror short.
  • Chris Henderson, rumoured to provide a voice for “Lt. William Greggory”, is an animator, not a known actor. He’s also, separately, listed as an animator for this game.
  • The rumoured actors voicing Russians in the game are odd. Anton Pavel has no details on IMDB although he has provided a Bio for Henry Pavel (I’m assuming they’re related), although BF5 is his only listed credit.
  • There are a large number of roles that are apparently filled – most don’t have a history or biography and these are not roles that video games usually have (past Battlefields haven’t). Does Battlefield 5 need an armourer, painter or camera operator ?

At this point it all looks improbable and, well, made up. But before you dismiss it, there’s a few things to consider.

  • To add an entry to IMDB requires manual confirmation and proof that you are somehow connected – not just anyone can make up a Video Game and add it. In comparison, changing the specifics (roles, for instance) can be done by anyone. So it’s possible this was added by a reliable source but some of the additional, obviously wrong, details have been added erroneously (or purposefully wrong, unless the game really has a tagline of “DICE pls wat r u doing pls staph”)
  • If anybody of these genuine people – particularly those with a high profile – saw this incorrect information, they’re likely to have it changed. Usually IMDB is monitored and maintained by their agents. This leads us back to Steve Jablonsky – I’m very, very sure that if he wasn’t linked to this title it wouldn’t still be listed.
  • Tom Keegan is the producer – he was Director of Battlefield 4 and Casting Director of Battlefield 3. That sounds legit. Maybe he was the source of the entry.

But more damning to the evidence against it is that the information about Steve Jablonsky is listed elsewhere. Hollywood Elite Composers is a website where you can licence the music of top Hollywood composers. It’s a flashy site which obviously makes money for the composers. The information isn’t sourced from IMDB either (not that is specifies this but the information appears to be different, so I’m assuming this is the case), yet shows Battlefield 5 as one of his projects…

Elite Composers

Interestingly, it shows it as a 2014 project. If Battlefield 5 is DICE’s next game, that timeline fits in perfectly.

So, what else can we tell? The tagline is “Total chaos commences, the Armageddon begins now”. It’s been “in development” (which I assume to mean is when it was added to IMDB) since 23rd November 2013 and was last updated on 2nd July of this year.

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